Going Green in School

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You can make the most difference in living green at home, but don’t forget these tips for going green at school, that can also help.

If the school is close enough, have them walk to school. We have all heard the stories of how our grandparent had to walk to school 5 miles each way, in the snow or freezing rain, right. Well it doesn’t have to be that bad. If your child is old enough and the school is within about 2 miles, walking can be quite beneficial. Of course you should take into consideration the safety of the route they will be using. If they have to cross any major intersections without crossing guards or you live in a less than desirable neighborhood, any savings you would experience is not worth the safety of your child.

If you absolutely have to drive your child to school at least see if you can arrange to take a few more kids and carpool. Organize a group of like minded parents and set up convenient schedules. Make sure everyone involved has full contact information for everyone else in case of emergencies. Let the driver of the day know as early as possible if for some reason your child will not be going to school so they don’t have to needlessly drive out of their way.

Stock up on Green School supplies. Buy recycled paper, solar powered calculators, nontoxic glues, crayons and markers. Pack lunches in reusable bags or lunch boxes. Use thermos instead of small throwaway plastic containers.

All these little things add up to less pressure on the limited resources we have available on our friendly planet.


Source by Steve J Gerwig

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