Going Green – How You Can Do Your Part

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Going green is a popular term used, in a general sense, for lessening our detrimental impact upon the earth’s environment, both on a personal as well as on a global scale. Ideas on what going green means can vary greatly, spanning the distance between those who are willing to concede, we ought no to litter our way across the spectrum to those who think that human population should be limited and policed.

Wherever you are and regardless of your political affiliations, you are already a part of the green-movement. If you are new to this, then start off with simple recycling and work your way to being “clean green”.

Ultimately the survival of humans, as a species, will depend upon each and every one of us going green and then continuing those environmentally sound practices even after the seemingly imminent threat has lessened. The greater your responsibility is to protect and sustain.

National leaders, big businesses and single individuals each need to look around and see what we have already lost and what we might yet lose if we do not bond together to save the planet.

Going green is more than a slogan, or even an ideal. It is an urgent mandate and a vital mission which we have already undertaken, and one at which we must no tail. the price of that failure would be life, as we know it, upon this earth and everything we know.

There has never been a time in recorded history where humanity has experience a greater need to work together in unity for a common purpose. Whatever part o the globe you reside upon, whatever place you call your home, be it a wealthy, economically privileged nation or the poorest of the so-called third world countries, you are first and foremost a citizen of the Earth, and her natural resources, continue to provide a home to us and all of the wonders of nature for many centuries to come.

Each of us may not be able to shut down big-time corporate polluters or engage actively in preventing the destruction of wildlife habitats. But every one of us can each do our part, however small it may seem to us, to keep the earth green.

We can start green-movement by with simple recycling and work to being clean clear.


Source by Ronald Wagner

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